About Our Wood

Wood Varieties - We stock a large variety of wood for pen blanks and bodies with a more limited selection for knife scales and other applications.

We have the ability to make any pen out of nearly any wood.  If you know of a wood type, color or character that is special to you feel free to order a customized wood pen. 

You can also order a blank to make your own pen (if buying a pen the price of the wood is included). This list is not complete, we do not list some of our more hard to find or low availability pieces and we also have access to a larger variety through our suppliers.

Here are the woods we have in stock:
 Wood Type Qty Blank Cost* Options**
African Blackwood 6 $  3.00 None
Apple 99 $  3.00 Clear, Multi-tone, Knife Scales
Apricot 7 $  3.00 None
Ash 35 $  1.50 Clear, Spalted
Bamboo 20 $  1.75 Natural, Carmel, X Cut, Segmented
Bloodwood 10 $  2.00 None
Boxelder 19 $  1.00 Clear, Gray Spalted, Flame, Knife Scale
Brazil Nut 10 $  5.00 X Cut, Knife Scales
Buckeye Burl 5 $  7.00 Stabilized, Non-Stabilized
Canarywood 20 $  1.50 Knife Scales
Cherry 20 $  1.25 Clear, Burl, Knife Scales
Chestnut-American 20 $  2.00 Clear, Spalted, Wormy, Knife Scales
Chittum Burl 10 $15.00 Select Short Blanks up to 4.5"
Cocobolo 20 $  1.50 None
Cork 10 $  3.50 Solid blanks of ground cork
Dogwood 10 $  6.50 Stabilized, Non Stabilized, Spalted
Ebony 10 $  4.00 Knife Scales
Granadillo 10 $  1.00 None
Hackberry 12 $  3.50 Clear, Spalted, Knife Scales
Hickory 10 $  1.50 Figured, Knife Scales
Holly 15 $  3.00 None
Honey Locust 15 $  2.00 None
Horn Beam 25 $  5.00 None
Jatoba 50 $  1.00 aka Brazilian Cherry
Koa 10 $  5.00 Clear, Curly
Leopardwood 10 $  1.50 None
Mahogany 15 $  1.00 Standard, Honduran, Santos
Maple - Hard 50 $  1.00 Clear, Curly, Birdseye, Spalted
Maple - Soft 50 $  1.00 Clear, Quilted, Golden, Spalted
Maple - Red 10 $  1.25 X cut, aka Buttress Maple
Mora 10 $  1.50 None
Mulberry 40 $  1.00 Clear, Spalted
Oak - Bog 10 $  5.00 From dredging in Kentucky
Oak 50 $  1.00 Red, White, Whiskey Barrel
Olive Wood 10 $  4.00 Wild, Bethlehem shorts, Knife Scales
Osage Orange 99 $  1.50 aka Beau d'arc, Hedge Apple
Padauk 10 $  1.00 None
Poplar 10 $  1.00 Clear, Burl, Knife Scales, Dyes Nicely
Primavera 5 $  6.00 Spalted, Stabilized
Purple Heart 99 $  1.00 None
Rosewood 20 $  1.50 Standard, Patagonian, Yucatan, Brazilian
Sassafras 50 $  1.00 None
Sycamore 99 $  1.00 Dyes Nicely
Teak 20 $  1.00 None
Walnut 20 $  2.00 Black, Claro, Select, Knife Scales
Whiskey Barrel 99 $  1.00 Charred White Oak from Whiskey Barrels
Yellow Heart 40 $  1.00 None
Zebrawood 20 $  2.00 None
 *Listed price is for a standard sized Pen Blank (5"x3/4"x3/4") unless otherwise noted.
**Options are listed to show variety available and may or may not increase blank cost.
Wood Alteration/Modification


Dyed - Many types, but not all, wooden blanks can be dyed to create completely new effects for pen bodies, knife scales, "wands", etc.  Dyed woods can be nearly solid in color showing only hints of the grain or dyed in a distressed fashion to make it look older with a mix of natural and colored wood.  We use both vacuum and pressure to dye woods and the process is often combined with stabilization to lock in the color.  If you have an idea reach out to us and we can work with you towards a solution. 

Stabilization - Wood can be stabilized, a method of impregnating the wood with resin, to help solidify it.  Even "worthless wood" that is soft, rotting and punky can often be hardened to make it usable for turning or other crafts.   Stabilization does not typically benefit harder, more dense woods but can be used in many woods to help lock in the natural wood color or the color of dyes and tints.  It does change the turning characteristics of most woods making them quite easy to work with on the lathe.

Our Dying and Stabilizing Services - Drake Family Artisans can dye and/or stabilize batches of wood as small as 4 pen blanks starting around $1.55/blank with capabilities of batches up to 100 blanks or more.  We can also process wood pieces or chucks up to the 100 - 200 cubic inch size, depending on shape.  All of this type of service will require a quoted price based on your actual needs.

Feel free to use the contact form below to reach out to us about your special projects!