About Our Resin

Resin Types - We use a variety of different resins for different applications.  For Jewelry and Home Décor we use an FDA approved epoxy resin in different formulas for hardness, working time, color use and resistance to sunlight exposure.  For pen blanks and bodies as well as knife scales and more durable application needs we most often use urethane resins even though we also use epoxy and polyester resins in some situations.  We buy our resins directly from the manufacturers or their distributors in larger quantities in an effort to lower our costs from the more expensive retail “kits” you often see.






We can make nearly anything within the scale of our shop and experience out of resin. There are few limits in the range of colors and color combinations available as we own a wide selection of pigments and dyes used to mix colors from the basics to the complex including metallic and pearlescent hues.

Resin Blanks - If you are a turner or knife maker you can also order blanks to make your own pen, peppermill or knife scales.  If you do not see something, ask, chances are we can make it for you.  We also perform label cast, photo embedded and embedded object resin work.  We have pressure casting ability up to 11”x11”x4”.

Hybrid Resin Pours - Drake Family Artisans can also perform hybrid resin pours combing wood, cloth, coins, mementos, even flowers into resin for unique projects and objects.

Special Shapes & Sizes – Again, we have a decent capacity to meet your expectations.  If you need something made of resin in a non-standard size, let us know. We will make molds to meet you needs up to our present capacity.  We are willing to consider special applications beyond our existing equipment if you have the need.

Always Testing and Performing Trials - Part of the fun of our chosen craft is the opportunity to always try and find better methods, materials and processes.  We are always trying a new or different resin, pouring method, casting process, pigment or dye, even the way we mix things together in an effort to create new opportunities with better products at lower costs.

Will My Resin Item Change Color - All of our resin items are color fast if they are dyed or pigmented.  The coloring process locks in the color with the resin. If your items are any color except clear, they will remain colorfast. Clear resin will change color over time. 

ALL clear resins will begin to yellow with exposure to sunlight's UV Spectrum.  Some resins do this quickly, within a few months.  Others will take years before the change occurs. It all depends on the use of UV inhibitors in the resins (yes, we use UV inhibitors where we can) and how much sunlight the item is exposed too. Drake Family Artisans is constantly reviewing and performing trials on UV resistance and the yellowing of clear resins as we stay in touch with both manufacturers and professional organizations.  

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